This is a powerful psychometric tool based on the work of C. G. Jung which provides effective solutions to bring about real and lasting positive change in people. 

It helps to understand yourself and others better so you can communicate effectively with each other, contributing to a healthier and more efficient working environment.

In short, Insights Discovery can be used to:

It can be adapted to other fields of application depending on your problems.


It is also worth noting that once awareness has been raised in an individual, to generate change or unblock problems, it may be necessary to continue with individual coaching.

The theory

This is because each person perceives the world through their own personal filter of experience, knowledge and beliefs.

It enables you to understand that everyone has a unique perception of the world around them. This perception does not always correspond to reality.

Our conduct will arise from our perceptions and will affect our relationships with others.

That is why it is important to understand that there are different perceptions and not to judge others but to understand and respect each other.

It is by becoming aware of our perceptions, of what we tell ourselves about the world around us, that we are able to seek the truth.


The Swiss psychologist Carl G. Jung used the metaphor of the colours of different wavelengths of light to describe personality. Insights uses 4 colours to represent the energies that interact within our personality. Each individual uses the 4 coloured energies but with orders of preference that will differ depending on the context, thus with combinations and intensities that create an individual’s unique personality.

These are the following 4 colours:

A person with a high intensity of fiery red energy will tend to do everything to achieve their goals and results. Has a more concise communication style.
This type of person, with a predominantly bright yellow energy, is fun and people-oriented and enjoys working with others. They have a positive and optimistic approach.
An individual with Calm Green energy dislikes conflict, seeks harmony and ensures that decision-making processes are democratic.
The individual with fresh blue energy is more observant and takes time to think before drawing conclusions. They prefer to gather all information calmly before making a decision.

Insights Discovery workshops offered:

  • Insights Discovery Effective Team Communication – 1 day

  • Individual Insights Discovery Profile

  • 360° Profile

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