About me

My name is Ouidad Boubaker, and I created Inside-Leader in response to the growing demand to feel better at work and in private life, as well as physical and mental wellbeing, because the two are linked.

Today we are facing rapid change and instability, and if we are to be agile, we need to know ourselves so we can quickly adapt.

I then developed programmes and conferences to better inform people and raise awareness so they can develop their potential. I believe that life is a path to becoming the best version of oneself, which is how one finds peace of mind performs better at work.


I have worked for several years in large international groups in multicultural environments. For me, creating my own companies is the professional and life development that makes the most sense and gives me the most energy despite the amount of work.

I thrive on giving my time and what I have learned to make a contribution to wellness.


I look forward to working together!


To help develop serenity at work and in one’s private life.

We spend almost 1/3 of our lives at work, which is why managers need coaching to lead the company and its employees towards fulfilment and performance. A win-win relationship.


A world where everyone is at peace and aligned with themselves and their values.

This involves the development of each individual and also the ability to work together, to be happier, more fulfilled, and more effective.